E-BOOK: Business Agility

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Explore agility for new market opportunities


In this exclusive e-book, produced by experts at Meta, you will explore the importance of having a digital and agile mindset in your business and the positive impacts this can generate. After all, understanding the methodologies that give life to Business Agility allows institutions to establish their new business processes more assertively and quickly.

Here you will be in-depth about the application of Business Agility in Process Management and Digital Transformation, including innovative solutions. But it goes further; with the reading, you will learn more about the famous SAFe, the scalable Agile framework, and the LACE, Lean-Agile Center of Excellence, which creates cross and functional teams.

“As companies lose agility in responding to consumer demands regarding updating and developing new products, they miss out the opportunity to adapt to the market”, says Fernando Ruano, leader of Meta’s LACE.


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    Discover the highlights we are going to talk about in this e-book:

    • Digital mindset applied to Business Agility


    • Business Agility in Business Process Management


    • Business Agility for digital transformation and developing and implementing innovative IT solutions


    • Business Agility and SAFe®


    • Applying Business Agility through LACE (Lean-Agile Center of Excellence)