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Know the main points in a Digital Transformation, including the role of leadership


In this exclusive e-book, produced by Meta experts, you will explore the importance of Digital Transformation (DX) in today’s business context and the paths to reaching a high level of digital maturity, making your company more agile, cognitive, and scalable growth. The topic is approached considering that DX is a broad process about technology and people and the way to reach full digital maturity, which goes beyond technology, encompasses cultural issues, and the need for a business architecture consistent with the digital strategy.


And Meta is the ideal partner to support you on this journey.


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    •  Digital Transformation (DX) and business strategies


    • The role of leadership in Digital Transformation (DX)


    • Business Architecture


    • Agile Culture


    • Applied AI technology


    • DevSecOps and New Cloud Technologies


    • Cybersecurity and Governance


    • Technological partners for your company’s future