Conduct production planning within SAP S/4HANA

Manage your production planning and avoid the bullwhip effect

Speed up your production planning in SAP S/4HANA


Technological solutions have become increasingly crucial for optimizing production planning. Meta IT, known for its commitment to innovation and efficiency, introduces S&OP – Production Planning, a side-by-side solution to enhance production planning in SAP S/4HANA.

What is production planning in SAP?

The SAP production planning module integrates seamlessly with various business functions, from procurement to inventory management, ensuring a cohesive approach. Through real-time data analysis, it enables agile decision-making, identifies potential bottlenecks, and facilitates proactive problem-solving. This holistic solution contributes to a responsive and adaptive production environment, aligning with industry best practices and fostering continuous improvement in manufacturing processes.

How can Meta IT’s S&OP – Production Planning accelerate your production planning in SAP S/4HANA?

Meta’s S&OP – Production Planning is an application suite designed to assist companies in managing short and medium-term production planning, supporting unexpected changes in the supply chain, and avoiding the bullwhip effect on factory floor operations. With it, you can keep your ERP’s digital core development-free!

How does our production planning application package work in SAP?

Meta’s S&OP – Production Planning functions as an extension of the SAP system in the cloud on the SAP Business Technology Platform, providing additional features that allow businesses to further optimize their production planning. It includes tools for demand analysis, capacity planning, production scheduling, and more.

S&OP Benefits – Production Planning

The S&OP – Production Planning brings several benefits to companies using SAP S/4HANA, including:

  1. Simplified Production Plan Management:
    Manage demand plans and planned production orders with efficiency dashboards for overall factory planning, including analyzing the relationship between expected and actual losses during the process.
  2. System Integration:
    Our application package provides a set of APIs to facilitate integration with third-party planning systems. Furthermore, it keeps your digital core free from customizations, easing updates provided by SAP.
  3. Leveraging SAP Best Practices:
    Developed on the SAP Business Technology Platform, the solution is an extension of SAP S/4HANA that can be used alongside SAP IBP for short and medium-term planning, generating independent needs in SAP and sequencing daily production orders.
  4. Real-time Operational Planning Reports:
    Monitor the end-to-end flow of your planned order process, track the conversion into production orders, and analyze compliance with the plan directly from the factory floor.
  5. Reuse of Previous Plan Data:
    The solution utilizes analysis of loaded and regularly used plan data, proposing planning data to the user for adoption, optimizing usage time, and providing a better user experience.
  6. Easy Information Management:
    Create your production schedule in Excel and easily import it into SAP. Drag and drop your Excel file into your planning cockpit and manage rescheduling directly from the app.

Discover Meta’s S&OP – Production Planning: click here! 

Acesse o S&OP na SAP Store certificados pela SAP

SAP Build

We’ve established a strategic partnership with SAP Build, empowering us to deliver our own developed products to the SAP ecosystem. This credential holds significant importance, as it enables us to create and implement solutions that directly address our clients’ challenges, leveraging the wealth of expertise we’ve gained over our 20-year collaboration with SAP

Hackathon SAP 2023

We took part in the SAP Hackathon 2023, showcasing our upcoming product, the Inventory Cockpit, designed to seamlessly integrate efficiency and compliance in physical inventory management. This solution, soon to be available on the SAP Store, adds another layer to our portfolio, addressing specific industry demands.

During the SAP Hackathon 2023, Meta secured a spot in the global top 3, underscoring our expertise and capability to tackle a wide array of market challenges.


Meta reconhecida no Hackaton SAP 2023

SAP Store and new Meta products

We’re gearing up to unveil our second product, the Inventory Cockpit, on the SAP Store. In the meantime, explore our latest offering, S&OP – Production Planning, already live on the SAP Store alongside a lineup of other cutting-edge Meta products. Meta remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering efficient and innovative solutions, empowering businesses to optimize their production processes.

Don’t waste any time—supercharge your production planning on SAP S/4HANA with Meta’s S&OP – Production Planning! Access it here!


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